See Your Property Through The Buyers Eyes


Stand in the street outside your property and try to imagine seeing it for the first time - as though you were a potential buyer. Most buyers will see your property for the first time from that same vantage point as they drive or walk past. At this point they often make their decision whether or not to inspect.

If the buyers see a fence that is falling down, an unkempt garden, dirty windows or broken weatherboards, it is likely that their interest will be lessened. However, any improvements you do make should draw their attention and stand up to inspection.

Remember - the first impressions are lasting.


Atmosphere & Ambience

Ask any buyer why they bought a particular property and they’ll probably give you a lot of very practical reasons such as position, style and price. But never underestimate the power of emotion. “It just felt right”.

Each property on the market is in competition for buyers with others in the same price range and location. Buyers will inspect those that appear to meet their requirements and then choose the one they like the best. An attractive presentation and atmosphere will tip the scales in your favour and create increased competition for your property, resulting in a much higher price.

A few ideas that can create that special atmosphere during inspections include:

    Vases of fresh flowers.

    Subdued background music.

    The aroma of potpourri or fresh coffee brewing.

    In winter, a cosy open fire.


Creating Space

It is very important to make each room appear as spacious as possible. Often we accumulate furniture and effects which tend to give the property a cluttered appearance and make it look less spacious. Remove unnecessary items to accentuate the spaciousness, without leaving the rooms looking sparse.

It may be necessary to store some furniture with a friend, a self-storage company or in the garage to ‘open up’ rooms and hallways.

Opening the curtains and blinds to allow as much natural light as possible will brighten up the property and again help accentuate the feeling of spaciousness. Similarly, trees and shrubs which shade windows may need to be pruned to increase natural light.

Major Works

The aim is to gain the maximum advantage with minimal expense. We therefore do not recommend that you spend substantial sums on major improvements. Particularly on older homes where the new owner may well wish to do a complete makeover to suit their personal tastes. This could involve redoing the project you have just undertaken, thus adding no real value to the property as far as they are concerned.Sometimes however further expense may justified in completing unfinished renovations to e.g. to a bathroom or kitchen. A fully renovated home where the fences are falling down or where the section could easily be landscaped could also justify further expense.

If in doubt, feel free to discuss your plans with us.

Free Appraisal

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